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Joanne Epstein

is a real estate professional in Boca Raton, Florida. She specializes in representing a select clientele of buyers and sellers of residential real estate in Palm Beach County, and all of South Florida. Whether you are buying or selling a small condo on the beach or an estate home in an exclusive country club; Joanne can provide invaluable assistance in all area’s of a real estate purchase including listing, negotiation, selection and closing.

Joanne is an expert at all aspects of marketing a home through both traditional and cutting edge modern techniques. Joanne has experience in millions of dollars of real estate transactions in such prominent areas as Boca West Country Club, Woodfield Country Club, St. Andrews Country Club, The Polo Club, and various other country clubs, condo developments, and enclaves in and around Boca Raton, FL. As a Realtor, Joanne Epstein is a member of the Realtors Association of the Palm Beaches; the Florida Association of Realtors; and the National Association of Realtors.




Joanne Epstein; We’re not just talking about a realtor, we’re talking about an all around amazing person !! You won’t find a more honest, hard working individual that is always looking out for your best interest. If you’re looking for a realtor, Joanne Epstein is, by far, the best and only choice. Not only was it fun working with her, she comes in with a plethora of knowledge which without a doubt helped sell my townhouse. Joanne has an eye for arranging your property inside and out that made my property more appealing to prospective buyers. Joanne helped me figure out a selling price that was beneficial for me and would attract buyers. And yes my townhouse sold in 3 days with multiple contracts to choose from and at the full asking price. Working with Joanne Epstein was so much fun I almost want to buy another house to sell so I can continue to work with her. Be smart and contact her as soon as you want to sell your house; You won’t be disappointed.
— Dr. H. N. Dubin | Boca Raton, FL
We met Joanne during a seminar and turned out to be the best find ever. She has worked with us when we needed to short sale our house and made the process really smooth. She then work really hard to rent an apartment that fit our needs. She worked 24/7 to find us the apartment we are now living in for the past four years. When we decided it was time to buy a condo, we called on Joanne again to assist us. Her knowledge of the realty market is superb. We learned a lot from her and she never gave up on us. We never thought of her as a realtor, but as a true friend who has always been there to help us.
We are getting ready to close on the condo and we can never thank her enough for all she has done.
— George & Barbara Waldspurger | Boca Raton, FL
Joanne did an amazing job! We don’t know what we would have done without her!
— Morris M. | Boca Raton, FL
Joanne worked extremely hard to find a place that was exactly what I needed. I won’t hesitate to call her to discuss my next property transaction.
— Bob Levitz | Delray Beach, FL
Joanne, you were so attentive and thorough in helping me find an apartment that would be suitable for my ailing husband and myself. The apartment you found couldn’t have been better! Besides your professional expertise, you were considerate and so lovely to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend you.
— Sandra Driesen | New York, NY


Certified Distressed Property Expert

As a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) Joanne can reduce your stress from facing foreclosure.

There are many options a homeowner has today and Joanne can assist you in maneuvering through this complicated process.

Foreclosure should not be an option.

Many homeowners are finding themselves in the uncomfortable position of owing more on their property than it is worth, or are no longer able to afford their expenses.

As a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE), Joanne has proven success in helping many homeowners navigate through this difficult process. It includes assistance in understanding the options available to you.

Foreclosures have been abundant in the market. If you are homeowner facing this situation please review our website.

As a Certified Short Sale Specialist, Joanne has the education and the professional support to complete short sales with a positive outcome. As a Short Sale Specialist Joanne looks forward to providing you with all of the options available for your situation.


Master Feng Shui Advisor

After working for many years with Developers in Real Estate,  the designers of model homes and condos and then owning an Interior Plant Scape Business, she was ready to pursue another interest.  

A popular national news program shared the financial troubles plaguing Donald Trump, who hired Feng Shui Masters from China that demonstrated, for example, moving a desk, adding a plant here and there and a fishtank that suddenly change his life for the better.  A group of Chinese Masters were then included in his business plan to access his potential Real Estate purchases, which assisted in his abundant success.

The simplicity of the news presentation peaked her interest and in 1990 began to research Masters, and discovered Master Lin Yun . From that point she traveled throughout the U.S., as well as other countries and continued her studies with Master Lillian Too, Space Clearing Expert Karen Kingston, Master Raymond Lo, and many others.

Joanne ascertained that there were so many variations each skilled Master learned from their Masters. As her education began to unfold, it became clear that what was acceptable to some people in commercializing their trade, was not acceptable to her.

She discovered that preserving the basics of feng shui and being truthful with her clients, attains results that are much more acceptable, as referrals continue.

Planning to build a new home or office? Joanne can assist you in your design, placing each occupant in the most beneficial location, that will deliver the most favorable results.

If you prefer a location that is already constructed, Joanne can evaluate the site that will be the most favorable for health, relationships and prosperity.